ADDIXA CONTROL is a company founded in 2012 specializing in automation projects, process control and information systems for industry.


Created by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the sector, and PROMAUT, its industrial partner with more than 70 employees, established in the market and with a long history of engineering specializing in process control and supervision. This lets us to offer technological solutions to all the customer value chain, from R & D and engineering to commissioning and subsequent monitoring (simulation, mechanical and electrical engineering, PLC programming and robots, implementation, maintenance and support).

ISO 9001 Certificate


We define our Mission and Vision as:

MISSION: Providing quality solutions in the field of automation and information systems to customers in the industrial area.

VISION: Being a technology and services company leader, with continued growth and distinguished by providing excellent service quality to its customers, as well as

ADDIXA CONTROL, S.L. management, as a result of its clear compromise with quality and customer orientation, determines that is resolute to provide our customers the products and services they order us in the more appropriate way to get permanently their satisfaction. Because of that the Quality Policy in the Company, is based in:

  • Strive to understand our environment proactively to ensure we are able to get ahead of the risks that come and take the Opportunities that could appear.
  • Scrupulously accomplish the requirements of all stakeholders that influence or can be affected by our Quality System.
  • Persevere in Continuous Improvement as the only way to final consecution of lthe company objectives that let us to accomplish our Mission and Vision.
  • Promote Participation of All the Staff in the achievement of the job right the fisrt time.
  • Propitiate through Continuous Training an adequate competence to all the members of the company and a permanent attitude towards the Total Quality.
  • Address the efforts in Prevention, to ensure Products and services According to the requeriments of our Customers, sector and laws that could apply, and get a better situation in front of Market Continuous Evolution.